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Trovite International is a telecommunication company with the sole aim of promoting businesses and a healthy communication lifestyle and improving the financial status of all her members via a referral system.

Telecommunication has been the lifeblood of the contemporary society. It has made the world a global village, bringing 98% of the world under its network coverage. It has no better alternative in modern development communication.

We live in a digital world where life changing innovations and opportunities through the use of the internet are limitless. Trovite International provides an avenue for anyone in Nigeria to buy airtime VTU, pay cable subscription, buy internet data, and pay electricity bill and other daily services that you pay for every day.

In Trovite international, You get rewarded for buying products and services, buy airtime VTU, Pay bills online, subscribe to cable or just by referring others to use or buy the same products & services they use every day on Trovite platform. We employ the tools of referrer or multi-levels marketing in creating financial freedom and reaping all the billions in airtime usage by Nigerians daily.

Our Company

At TROVITE INTERNATIONAL, “we build lifestyle” through communication and financial well-being. We provide innovative products and offer a business opportunity for individuals interested in pursuing extra income.

Our Goal

This is an initiative aimed at raising and developing young people to cultivate a savings and investment culture and a healthy lifestyle through a referral system. It is a simple system that enables members raise the money they seek for to enable them set up any business venture of their choice; show them ideas on how to manage the money they have made, and how they can multiply same using various financial instruments while imbibing a reading culture and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for sustainable wealth.

Our Vision

Raising Healthy financial giants for global economic impact.

Our Mission

Improving the standard of living of all our members via Healthy Communication Living and creation of multiple streams of income.


Have you ever wanted to truly own your time and your life?

What if going to work every day was exciting and enjoyable, and you no longer had to wonder how you were going to pay the bills? Our generous compensation plan gives you the power to take control of your future and build a business that will change your life forever.

Being TROVITE INTERNATIONAL Independent Business Executive (IBE) goes beyond simply building a thriving business, however, you will also enjoy extensive networking opportunities, exclusive hands-on experiences, and a strong sense of community.

Fun Fact

More Monopoly money is printed in a year, than real money printed throughout the world.


Our core value are acronymed which stands for I = Integrity || A - Accountability || T - Transparency